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Wall Tower

Tower Sizes

Available in 2 sizes

The Tell Tale Tower ©

The Tell Tale Tower© can be used to create a story.

Like a charm bracelet, the Tell Tale Tower© can evoke memories, commemorate a trip, express passions or celebrate a special event.

Interchangeable tower tops

Use the tower to mark the address of your home while sharing some of your interests.

Towers come in 4' and 5' heights but can be custom ordered in other sizes. Some towers have tops unique to it while other tops are interchangeable.

It is as easy as

One: Select a tower top.
Two: Choose tiles to tell your tale.
Three: Slide the tiles in the tower and reattach the top.

The Tell Tale Tower© makes a unique gift. Select from handmade and custom ordered tiles to slide into your tower. As a group, each person can choose or order a tile to celebrate a birthday, honor a special event, toast a retirement or rejoice in a friendship. The receiver slides each tile into the tower creating a sculpture of memories for home or garden.

The Tell Tale Tower© is copyrighted 2012

Download the Complete Tell Tale Tower Catalog of Tiles

Below is a small sample of tiles that are available.

Sun Painted Cardinal Painted Palm Tree Painted Rooster City Scape Numbers Owl Bicycle Bat and Ball Books Scroll

Tower with tiles